Stand out style

Street style photographer Craig Arend cruised the city streets of Miami in a

All-New Nissan Rogue to snap a few stylish locals. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at some

of the fashion he found with the help of eagle-eyed style experts from Glamour and Details.

My Habit X All-New Nissan Rogue
  • meet our street

    style photographer


    The New York City-based

    blogger behind popular

    fashion site Altamira knows a

    thing or two about snapping

    style, having shot for

    The New York Times, Vogue

    and other such notable


    Sport Tech

    the style: sports tech

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    Versatile Staples

    the style: versatile staples

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    Designed Details

    the style: designed details

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    Minimalist Tech

    the style: minimalist tech

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  • Watch: Sports Tech

    Watch: sports tech

    Watch: Versatile Staples

    watch: versatile staples

    Watch: Designed Details

    watch: designed details

    Watch: Minimalist Tech

    watch: minimalist TECH

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