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Hitha On The Go: An Impatient Woman On Decorating The Ultimate Entertaining Space.

I’m an “immediate gratification” kind of girl - I want what I want, and I want it now. (Such a mentality can be problematic when decorating a new apartment.) When my husband and I moved into our new apartment, it was evident that our existing furniture was ALL wrong. Dining table: Too small. Living room seating: Not enough. Storage for my wine and stemware… read more »

A Case For The Staycation: 5 Summer Home Decorating Ideas From Coco+Kelley.

Summer is almost upon us, and I'm sure I'm not the only one ready to refresh my home to welcome in longer days and warmer nights! For those of us who may not have a lovely summer home to retreat to, or a grand vacation booked, here are a few easy updates you can do around your humble abode to usher in that feeling of a tropical, exotic or beach destination…… read more »

Home Trend We Need To Try Immediately: Birds. (Yes, Birds.)

Maybe it’s because the sounds of birds chirping is the only current indication that it is indeed spring. Or maybe it’s because we imagine that an avian anything will instantly transform our home (read: our cramped, three room NYC apt) into a breezy, country home-like nature escape. (Really trying to steer clear of the Portlandia references here, folks. Except for… read more »

Big Paintings, Bold Wallpaper & Other Spot-On Wall Décor Tricks From Coco+Kelley.

When it comes to art, my fallback for displaying it is usually a gallery wall, or that one big statement piece. But lately, I've been wanting to get a bit more creative with things as I add to my art collection. So, we put together a few more ideas on where (and how) to hang artwork to make things a bit more playful in the home…

Design Inspiration: Milk & Mode’s Carol Han Dreams Of All White, All The Time.

When it comes to design at home, I've always leaned heavily on the "crisp, clean white" thing, especially when it comes to the bedroom and the bathroom. Is there anything better than falling into a pillow-y, snow-white, down-filled bed at the end of the day? No mind-bending patterns, no blaring colors, no more mental or visual stimulation; just the pure… read more »

Pinned: Colorful Rugs, Fresh Flowers & Other Cheery January Home Decorating Ideas.

We are dealing with two competing emotions right now: A desperate desire to travel (#polarvortex) and the resigned knowledge that we should stay local for awhile, having just returned from a nice, two week holiday break. Our solution: Embrace it all by uncovering a host of January home decorating ideas to keep ourselves busy and our homes warm and cozy. Here, a… read more »

Pinned: Cozy Chairs, Twinkling Lights & Other Winter Décor Inspiration.

‘Tis truly the season to hunker down and stay warm. Let’s face it – the cold winter months are the ones you spend the most amount of waking hours indoors. Therefore, it is our humble opinion that your surroundings should be as comfortable and inspirational as possible. When the days are endlessly grey, you can…

Decorating With Feathers, Halloween Costume Ideas & Other Links We Liked This Week.

Fact: We’re always reading. In the crazy digital world in which we live, it often feels like a scramble just to keep up with basic news. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of this week’s gossip, tidbits, fall trends and more for your reading pleasure. From space exploration to funky home decorating ideas, here, our roundup for the week.

Pinned: How to Decorate Using Antlers. (Or: Home Decorating Ideas For Fall.)

Antlers: The home decorating idea that everyone is buzzing about this fall; a trend that has taken over the glossy pages of all of our favorite magazines. So, what’s the big deal? For starters, they serve as an interesting textural focus in any home, from rustic to modern. They are chic and impactful. There are also infinite possibilities when it comes to how to… read more »

Décor 101: Bold Prints, Crisp Whites & Other Window Treatments Ideas From Coco+Kelley.

I've moved many times in my life, and every time I've been in a new apartment it never feels complete until the drapes are up. I'm one of those crazy people who even swaps them out seasonally (cozy velvet ones in the winter, and breezy sheers in the summer!). So, it only makes sense that I get to share a few of my favorite ideas on how to layer them up, think… read more »

Home Decorating Ideas: Six Tips From Danielle Colding of HGTV’s Design Star.

1. When designing a space, be open to risk taking. There is nothing worse than a space that is too perfect or well-coordinated.

Fall Refresh: How To Style Your Bedroom, Courtesy of Coco+Kelley.

I don't know about you, but as soon as the seasons change, I'm ready to swap out lots of little pieces around the house… and that usually starts in the bedroom! One thing that is always consistent, though, is my simple white bedding. And one set will never do, so I'm always stocking up. Some sets have a little piping, others are more textured, and most of them… read more »

A Vivid Piece of Art by an Under-the-Radar Artist: Must Buy of the Day.

....because let’s be honest, decorating with color is tricky. Does this red go with that blue? Is this totally cool rug going to tie the room together or make everything look wonky? There are just way too many ways the whole scheme can go totally wrong. While Jay Z might be lusting after Picasso, baby, we’re craving this oil reproduction by American master Alfred… read more »

Home Decorating Ideas: Tips & Tricks From Blissliving Founder Mei Xu.

If we are going to look to anyone for advice on how to add a bit o’ exotic flair to that home of ours, it will most certainly be Blissliving founder Mei Xu. After spending decades flying ‘round the world for business, Mei knows the universal tips and tricks that will make any house a well-styled home.

On Decorating With Color: A Few Tips from Late Afternoon’s Liz Cherkasova.

I've been on a bit of a decorating kick of late. (As evidenced by my house tour.) My current obsession? Decorating with color. Thought I would share some of the home decorating ideas I’m inspired to try in my own abode.

Bachelor Pad Ideas: The Spring Shindig.

Nights are getting longer and temperatures are creeping up—time to invite some friends over for an evening under the stars. Whether upstate-in-the-country or upstairs-on-the-roof, here are some tips for entertaining outdoors this season.

Let's Go Outside: Coco+Kelley on Patio Furniture, Throw Pillows & Other Outdoor Décor Essentials.

As temps start to (finally!) rise a bit, I can’t help but think about enjoying the outdoors a bit more. Whether you’ve got a tiny patio, or an entire backyard, here are a few fun ideas for entertaining, landscaping, and injecting some sunshine into your everyday.

Bachelor Pad Ideas: About Those White Walls.

Like most bachelor pads, my current apartment started as a plain white box. Without a fireplace or built-in bookcases, the walls were really just a series of blank canvases. I realized to make the place cool, I would have to step things up when it came to décor. Here are a few tricks I picked up along the way.

Pinned: Wall Décor, Tiny Shelves & Other Home Decorating Ideas.

It’s mid-March, and It. Won’t. Stop. Snowing. (Here in NYC and the Northeast, anyway.) So what better way to pass the hours than to spend a little time decorating indoors? Lucky for us, inspiration for any and all home decorating ideas is quite abundant on Pinterest, and we’ve decided that those bare living room walls of ours could use a bit of love. Here,… read more »

This Original Louis Vuitton Ad, Circa 1985: Must-Buy Of The Day.

…because some part of me still finds travel to be impossibly glamorous (yes, even barefoot in the security line), an illusion in no small part fostered by all things classic Louis Vuitton—those old school steamer trunks, the signature brown and gold logo—and this original 1985 advertisement perfectly captures the label’s storied sense of luxury. I shall hang… read more »

Cozy Home Decorating Ideas from Coco+Kelley (Or: How to Survive Winter).

I don’t know about you, but come late January, I’m usually ready for spring—a dangerous feeling when you’re still in the depths of winter! So, instead of pining our days away, waiting for signs of warm weather, why don’t we embrace the last couple months of winter together by taking advantage of these cozy decor tricks for the remaining chilly nights…… read more »

Home Decorating Ideas: La vie à la française.

Like many of you (we assume), we, too, are obsessed with all things French. Croissants. Lavender. Brigitte Bardot. The Oscar-nominated flick Amour. (Ed. Note: Great movie, but depressing. Word to the wise: Bring Kleenex.) Here, some choice selects for adding that certain je ne sais quoi into your own home, be it in Provence or Philadelphia. Because if anyone knows… read more »

Last Minute Thanksgiving Touches, Courtesy of Milk & Mode's Carol Han (Or: Hostessing 101)

When it comes to my favorite holiday of the year (otherwise known as Thanksgiving, otherwise known as The-Day-We-Get-To-Eat-Like-There’s-No-Tomorrow), I take no chances. I’ve got checklists, countdowns, I do stuffing practice runs, and my turkey’s brining three days out. But when it comes to making things really special, it’s often the little touches that… read more »

Cozy, Fall-y Design Ideas for Bedrooms From Coco+Kelley

One of the things I absolutely love about fall is cozying up the house by swapping out pillows and piling on blankets - especially in the bedroom! I’ve already brought out my (faux!) fur blanket and am now figuring out how I’ll change up the pillows and styling to create a whole new feel in there. So, I’ve been doing a little research and have to say I’m loving a… read more »

Home Decorating Ideas from Coco+Kelley: From the Runway to the Living Room

Fall is officially upon us at the end of this week, and that means it’s time to think about not only ways to update the wardrobe, but cozy into our homes too! While summer sunshine may be clinging on for now, it won’t be long before those chilly autumn evenings are creeping in, and I don’t know about you, but I love nesting this time of year! My favorite place to… read more »

Habit Forming: Hermès Scarf Décor

Three weeks ago, I got it in my head that I was going to purchase an Hermès scarf. It was my first and I nabbed it for a steal online. I was not disappointed - it is pristine and absolutely a work of art. I have not spent much time in the company of Hermès products, and I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of the thing - from the vibrancy of the… read more »

Home Decorating Ideas from the Dallas Market

Back in my starving waitress days, I used to venture out to thrift stores quite frequently.  Society has since taken my thrifting to the next level entirely. Today’s hunters include a creative group of individuals who are able to take the remnants of the remnants and re-purpose them into something new. Having just returned from the Dallas Home & Gift Market, I… read more »

Carrie's House: An Unlikely Inspiration

It all started here, with some very curious lamps by Moss Studios. Moss owner and designer Breck Armstrong creates them by shooting at panels of bullet-proof Plexiglas in his backyard. I think about these lamps frequently, and I contemplate purchasing one. It may be cyclical (and it probably is) but some trends seem to linger. Perhaps it’s because of these lamps,… read more »

Interior Design Mistakes According to Oprah & More Style Habits 'Round The Web

Every day our New York-based editorial team has a long and painful wait between our arrival to work at 9 am and the giddy noon-o’clock launch of our daily events. How’s an editor to cope? Surfing the web for the style habits everyone should adopt now, of course.

What we’re obsessing over:

The Cannes film festival kicks off tomorrow, and in celebration of… read more »

Carrie's House: Antique Shopping at Round Top, Texas

For six years, I’ve wanted to visit the antiques show in Round Top, Texas. I always envisioned that an oversized, tented pop-shop of stylish ephemera would be great inspiration, if a little bit intimidating to someone without brag-worthy bargaining skills. The truth is, the show lived up to all of my expectations—without being the least bit intimidating. It’s… read more »

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